I’m so forever grateful for the expertise that was delivered by Engage Collaborative Management Consulting! The process they assisted me with made my job search less stressful. They helped modify my resume in which made it SUPER easy to apply for employment that catered to my experience and skill set. Ecmcons provided terrific leads based on matches to my resume. I interviewed several times and I’m now I have been offered a way better opportunity than my current job by a company Ecmcons listed for me! I couldn’t be more grateful for them easing the actual “footwork” of job hunting. All of the companies were legitimate & most of them replied to my resume rather quickly. Even the ones which weren’t interested in hiring me sent courtesy emails to let me know! Thanks so much Ecmcons! With your guidance and professionalism I landed a wonderful position with a fabulous company! I would definitely use this service again if I needed to, and I would without a doubt refer anyone to use this service as well.